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Formica CZ is your supplier of professional bookbinding equipment for the Czech and Slovak Republic.

It entered the awareness of its customers as early a 1995 as one of the most important importers of office equipment. A major shift in the development was when the company started manufacturing the FOLIANT single side lamination machines.

Since 2000 we have been gradually building our own distribution network in more than 80 countries around the world where and successfully exporting our machines there.

In 2004, as the first on the market, we have added equipment capable of laminating 100% of the output of digital machines into our portfolio and thus completed the process of lamination of most printable material.

Along with the successful sales of our machines we also needed to continually improve our sales and support services. A logical outcome of this effort, in 2007, was the creation of the division of professional bookbinding machines, including the sales of materials for the bookbinding machines and further development chiefly in the area of service support.

The pinnacle of our effort, in 2010, was the addition of the DUPLO bookbinding machines into our portfolio. We then successfully completed this development process by adding state of the art Wohlenberg, Baumann and MBO equipment.

Currently we are a well-established company that is able to fully satisfy even the most demanding needs of our customers, both in the area of sales and service.

Our sales philosophy is to create long-term relationships with our customers and offer them comprehensive solution of their needs and to support them during this difficult time as much as possible. Only a successful company can be a reliable partner in their future development and we are making the maximum effort to satisfy their needs.

It was none else, but our satisfied customers that enables us to reach the prestigious position among the importers of bookbinding equipment we now hold and we are well aware of it. This is why we also want to continually improve our services, so that Formica CZ remains the guarantee of reliability, professionalism and trustworthiness.

In conclusion I would like to thank to all our business partners for their support and understanding and assure you that Formica CZ will always be on your side.

 Jiří Bejček
Executive Director of Formica CZ

Export Division

  • The main activity of our company is the export of our own production.
  • We export lamination machines to over ninety countries around the world; mostly using our own distribution network.
  • In cooperation with our partners we regularly participate in important trade shows around the world (DRUPA, IPEX, GraphExpo...)

Import Division

  • For our customers from the Czech and Slovak Republic we import professional printing machines and material made by reliable international makers.
  • We distribute products for manufacturers such as Wohlenberg, MBO, etc. When creating our portfolio we used long-term selection criteria and focused on quality, output and price.
  • We cooperate closely with our partners and organise regular training for sales and service personnel.
  • All the products we offer can be viewed and tried out in our showrooms in Prague and Nymburk.

Used Machines Division

  • We always try to find the best fitting solution that helps our customers to move ahead.
  • When working with our customers we are also able to offer a custom solution.
  • The centralised system of used machines from all our distributorships around the world enables us to provide an optimum solution for each customer.

Expandable Materials Division

  • To us full service means that we also offer expandable materials.
  • Because of the size of our distribution network we import our materials from reliable makers such as Eukalin, Renz and Deprosa.
  • Technical consulting and also logistics are all a part of the quality service we offer.

Employee evaluation

  • FORMICA CZ has a highly developed employee evaluation system. The amount of employee compensation does not depend only on the amount of work but also on the evaluation we receive from our clients.
  • Every three months we ask our clients to submit a simple evaluation of their advisor, based on average marks, which are then used to determine the quarterly bonus.
  • The marks are the same as in school. We have had good long-term experience with this system, because it ensures maximum effort of all our employees in working with our clients.

The Director is on your side

Please allow me a short concluding note. We have always tried to be a "step ahead" and to listen to the wishes of our clients. We always improve our services using suggestions from you, the clients of FORMICA CZ. As one of the representatives of the high management of our company I feel the duty to be on your side. To be able to help when you need it most. Please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone, email or in person. I am always ready to stand up for you. Everything we do, we do for you. You can be sure that I am the DIRECTOR ON YOUR SIDE. Jiří Bejček (jiri.bejcek@formica-cz.cz)

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