Financial analyst


A great advantage of working with FORMICA CZ is the financial analyst service. With our service we offer you professional help with choosing the most suitable financing model when you decide to expand your equipment portfolio. Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the market and the available financial products, we are able to optimise the conditions of your leasing or credit so that they most advantages and tailor-made for your needs.

Great price

calculatorEverything we do, we try to do efficiently. We are always looking for new ways of lowering overhead costs and thanks to our investment in modern technology we are continually able to push down the price of our work.

Additionally, our large volume and impeccable payment history bring us substantial saving when purchasing equipment and materials. This all makes us better able to offer you excellent equipment for a great price.

Efficiency of our solution

Be careful about strictly theoretical solutions! Those were the words of caution form the head financial analyst. Standard-table indicators are seldom important; we always try to calculate now much could a specific client save over a month of operation with the given equipment. Those were the words I had to recall many times. Several times I witnessed such passionate debates. Many solutions that seem perfect at a first glance failed when compared with the efficiency criterion. So the cost of solutions you hear described in superlatives at a trade show, in the end, do not out way the savings that they bring during the useful life of the equipment. Sometimes it is hard to abandon an elegant solution we like so much, but we simply cannot recommend it to our clients because it is not efficient enough. In the end we always focus on solutions that bring the best return on the client's investment. Solutions that bring back the investment and same money. The bases of our recommendations are never only technical but also have sound financial sense. You can expect nothing less from us.

Unique opportunity

A detailed solution of this programme became a well-guarded secret of our company. It is a programme that will enable you to lower the payments you make on equipment you purchased from us in an unprecedented way. In the case of smaller machines the payments were lowered by one half. In Formica we offer a unique opportunity to our clients unsurpassed by anyone in the Czech Republic.


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