Warranty Systems


Each customer has the choice of a Warranty System. Our service portfolio starts with technical consulting, continues with maintenance services and concludes with logistics securing original replacement parts for all brands of equipment in our portfolio. Each newly installed machine has a warranty period. Our customers can also choose the duration of the warranty period.

We offer


Conventional warranty period, according to the Commercial Code, is 12 months; during this time each customer can use the technical service free of charge. This includes travel costs related to the technician service call and original replacement parts.


24 months warranty period with the same conditions as the Warranty System 12. Getting this extended warranty period requires regular professional inspections performed by a FORMICA CZ technician in the 6th, 13th and 20th month counting from the installation date of the machine. These are for-fee inspections. The WARRANTY SYSTEM 24 is suitable for clients with heavier workload, who need the certainty of the great condition of their machine and want to avoid possible downtime.


Warranty period is 36 months; this is a programme for multi-shift operations, which ensures an uninterrupted operation of the machine and your customer can truly rely on it. The condition for such top care are regular for-fee professional inspections by the FORMICA CZ technicians, in the 8th, 16th, 24th and 32nd month counting from the installation date of the machine. With this programme you receive complete 36-month service free of charge. With regular care your machine maintains its high-quality production and retains its resale value.

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